Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knitting two leggings at one time!

Materials: 2 balls of yarn, 2 circular needles and leggings pattern

With first circular needle and first ball of yarn cast on half the number of stitches. I used purple yarn.

using the same needle but the second ball of yarn cast on the same number of stitches. White yarn.
Now using the other circular needle cast on, using the same ball of yarn, the remaining stitches. I find this easier if I hold the needles side by side with the points facing the same way. I already turned it in the picture.
Then picking up the first yarn again cast on the remaining stitches. (purple) I pull my first set of stitches down the circular a little so I can turn the needle easier when i'm casting on the purple.

Then straighten all your stitches on the two needles. I went ahead and pulled the top circular through so the points face the same way.

Using the end of the circular your next stitches are on.(top) and working in your pattern, work the first set of stitches.(purple)

then work the second set of stitches.(white) That side is now done. You can pull the needle through the stitches so they hanging in the middle of the circular.

Now you can do the same thing with the other side. Making sure you move the stitches down to the other side of the circular so the pointed edge is facing the way it needs to be to knit. Like you would slide the stitches for an i-cord.

Continue doing this until it is the length you want it. This is what it will look like when you work a few rows. I used two colors so you can see each leg. It is really easy once you get the hang of it.
TIPS: Try to keep your yarn for each leg seperated and try not to get it caught in between the legs. I do it all the time as you can see two pictures up. LOL I just work until I can put it back to the outside. If you have any questions let me know!

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